GlenDronach 1993 (cask #43)

GlenDronach single cask - Batch 15
GlenDronach 1993 is something I am still getting excited about, especially the ones filled 15th January 1993 with cask numbers up to #43, more or less. Above this number there is a big gap to #388 and above, but these were filled a month later. I guess the numbers in between were used for wide-scale expressions?

I’m surprised the label says sherry butt whereas they usually specify the type of sherry. I always thought all of these early 1993s were exclusively matured in Oloroso casks.



GlenDronach 1993 single cask #43GlenDronach 24 yo 1993 (59,2%, OB 2017, sherry butt #43, 588 btl.)

Nose: great, somehow this vintage reminds me more of the 1972s than others. A lot of stewed plums, fig bread and chocolate. Starts fairly heady, with some aromatic polished oak, but grows darker and earthier over time. More towards bread, coffee beans, caramel and peppercorns. Old leather too.

Mouth: quite a lot of actual, spicy Oloroso notes in this. Figs, plums and raisins. Spicy oak (pepper, clove, ginger) as well as some herbal syrups. Prune tartlets with coffee liqueur. Virginia tobacco.

Finish: long, on bittersweet chocolate, with herbs. Cinnamon and liquorice.

This 1993 shows more spices and coffee liqueur notes than some others. Not the most elegant example but still a lovely sherry bomb. Around € 290.

Score: 89/100