Benromach Triple Distilled

Benromach is experimenting with different distillation and maturation methods and the latest result is the Benromach Triple Distilled.

It has been distilled once in the wash still, and then twice in the spirit still, before being matured in first-fill bourbon barrels for eight years. Triple distillation usually leads to a lighter, smoother style of whisky.

I’m trying it head-to-head with a recent batch of Benromach 10.



Benromach Triple DistilledBenromach Triple Distilled 2009
(50%, OB 2017, 15.600 btl.)

Nose: a lot more narrow than the 10yo, although it’s easy to see the common DNA. Pear and lemon, rubbed orange skin, hints of shoe polish and a very delicate smokiness. Ginger. Brighter, smoother indeed, but that’s because some of the more unique notes of the 10yo seem to be filtered out.

Mouth: lemony, slightly chalky. I would call this polished / waxy, not fatty like the 10, if that makes sense. Relatively active oak adding just a rounded hint of vanilla, plus big peppery notes and mint. Shoe polish and some metallic hints. Evolves on green banana and zesty notes (lemon skin, grapefruit).

Finish: quite long, with citrus zest, nutmeg and light smoke.

At first I was disappointed because it takes away complexity and adds hardly anything new. They’ve set a high standard for themselves of course. Eventually it grew on me with its waxy texture and fair balance. A nice addition to the range. Around € 50, arriving in stores as we speak.

Score: 86/100


ps/ Is it me or has the Benromach 10 gotten slightly more sherried in recent batches? Could be just the comparison with this ex-bourbon expression, but still…