Auchentoshan 1992 (SV cask #5430)

Trying an Auchentoshan 1992 from Signatory Vintage today. They regularly bring out sister casks at the moment, it is probably a whole series that is deemed to be ‘mature’…



Auchentoshan 25 yo 1992 Signatory cask 5430Auchentoshan 25 yo 1992 (51,4%, Signatory Vintage 2017, bourbon barrel #5430, 206 btl.)

Nose: slightly rough at first with grassy notes and a a chalky overtone. Opens up on vanilla cream, apples and buttery pears. Lightly floral honey. Minty notes. With water also hints of green oak and dried coconut shavings.

Mouth: bright, malty but now also fully on tropical fruits, really nice. Pineapple, bananas, a little papaya. Hints of yoghurt as well as some spicy notes, pepper and mint. This could have been an Irish malt, no doubt.

Finish: not too long, but bright and fruity, still some vanilla cream and tropical touches.

The nose didn’t really suggest a cracker, but the tropical fruits on the palate are great. A rather Irish style, triple distilled malt after all. Good stuff, keep your eyes peeled if you’re a fan of this bright fruitiness. Available from Master of Malt.

Score: 88/100