Bruichladdich 1991 for CWS

Another bottling for the Chief Whisky Society in China, this time a single cask Bruichladdich 1991. Similar casks from that era suggest that this is be matured in a wine cask.



Bruichladdich 1991 for CWSBruichladdich 25 yo 1991
(48,8%, OB for CWS 2017, French oak cask, 276 btl.)

Nose: a nice, ripe fruit bowl with apricot jam and mango. Hints of coconut and marzipan. Yellow plums and sour cherries. Also subtle hints of ferns and wild mint, as well as some coastal notes and very light smoke. Floral / grassy touches from the oak too. A very wide nose, and no invasive wine influence.

Mouth: more winey now, maybe some red wine which adds a good dose of spices (pepper, salt, light tannins) and a chocolate dryness to the fruits which are now in the background (lots of grapes, bananas, plums). Bitter almonds. Quite a big zesty, salty side. Light mineral notes. A tad green in the end but nice again.

Finish: long, still salty, with a fruity acidity and green pepper.

A wine cask that strikes a nice balance between the fruity spirit, fruity wine and the wood.  Pretty exemplary.

Score: 88/100