St Magdalene 1982 (Malt Musketeers)

By far the oldest St Magdalene I could try – releases are very, very hard to come by these days. The last bottling I can remember was a 1982 by Cadenhead.

This one was bottled by Malt Musketeers, two whisky enthusiasts that occasionally release their own bottlings. This St Magdalene 1982 was their second release. Apparently it took a bit of negotiating to bring this rare product to market. The outturn is incredibly small: only 12 bottles, of 20 cl each.



St Magdalene 1982 - Malt MusketeersSt Magdalene 34 yo 1982 (50,4%, Malt Musketeers 2017, 20cl, 12 btl.)

Nose: it’s got this typical combination of chalky notes, gravel, waxed paper and something of ginger. Very mineral. Also herbal notes and grasses, both freshly cut and dried. Rubbed grapefruit skin and wet wool. Classic.

Mouth: quite oily. There’s a light creamy and fruity side (green banana, rhubarb, unripe pear) but it’s quickly overtaken by lemon sherbet and grapefruit skin, huge mineral notes, a hint of mezcal and a lot of greasy, waxy notes. Pepper and herbs. Chalk and leafy notes, as well as a briny touch.

Finish: long, still mineral and grassy, with juniper and cloves, as well as a subtle underlying sweet lemon note.

A classy Lowlander with such a unique profile (close to the Highlands in fact). Complex as well. Around € 250, two left according to their website.

Score: 91/100