Bowmore 2000 (Whisky Sponge)

Bowmore 2000 (Whisky Sponge)

It’s hard to grab WhiskySponge releases. Only one point of sale as far as I know, and they seem to appear suddenly and disappear before you know it. Anyway here’s one of the latest releases: Bowmore 2000, a single cask selected from the Signatory Vintage stocks.


Bowmore 20 yo 2000 (51,7%, WhiskySponge 2020, first-fill bourbon barrel, 172 btl.)

Nose: seawater and seaweed, damp earth and medium peat. Some grassy touches, wet tweed and wee medicinal notes, before fruits start to appear. Grilled pineapple, hints of banana and dried mango slices. A little paraffin and wet pebblestones too. Really nice but I expect the palate to be even better.

yeah, tropical fruit juice. Mango, papaya, passion fruits. Pink grapefruits, still a hint of banana. This fruit basket comes mixed with hints of eucalyptus and burnt rosemary, briney notes and lemon juice. Ashy peat. A surprising sweeter hint of vanilla ice and coconut cream towards the end.

Finish: rather long, sweet and fruity, with a hint of white pepper and peat in the aftertaste.

Simply wonderful Bowmore: pure spirit in a perfectly fresh bourbon cask. Tropical fruits aplenty, we love this style. Around € 295 but as I said, sold out.