Bruichladdich 2006 (Liquid Art)

Bruichladdich 2006 (Liquid Art)

The latest release from Liquid Art was presented last month. It is a fairly small release of Bruichladdich 2006, with very little extra information.  


Bruichladdich 2006 (51,7%, Liquid Art 2020, 105 btl.)

Nose: anachronistic and round at the same time. Sweet lemon candy, green apples, hints of peaches and buttercups. Nicely mixed with minerals, hints of clay and sunflower oil. Hints of a wet cellar. A little honeysuckle. Very pure Laddieness.

Mouth: fresh but again with this intruiging chalky and dusty side. Oily notes, hay, a wee buttery note. A subtle salty edge as well. On the other side there’s lemon and lime juice, almond, light grassy notes and a puff of smoke in the background.

Finish: long, still oily, now slightly drying, on leafy and mineral notes.

Never underestimate Bruichladdich. This oily mouthfeel, with rich flavours and minerals is so nice! Around € 130. A small output, so I’m afraid it’s sout from Liquid Art direct but I see some Belgian retailers still have it available.