AnCnoc 16 Years Cask Strength

AnCnoc 16 Years Cask Strength

It has been ages since I’ve reviewed a whisky from anCnoc / Knockdhu distillery. They’ve had a very productive period around 2013-2016 with lots of new expressions, but now I have the impression they’ve slowed down a little.

Almost everything they release is at the standard 46% ABV so I’m glad they included this anCnoc 16 Years Cask Strength in the 125th Anniversary bottlings. It’s a full ex-bourbon expression – you might want to compare to my review of the regular version written ten years ago.  


anCnoc 16 yo Cask Strength (56,3%, OB 2019)

Nose: a sweet, almost syrupy theme. A lot of vanilla custard, hints of coconut cream and thick honey. Lemon candy, pineapple and icing sugar. Plenty of barley. Floral top notes, typical for this distillery.

Mouth: similar thoughts – quite a thick texture. Zesty citrus, green apple, custard and vanilla cake, as well as some caramel. Now the floral hints seem even more obvious. Crushed peppercorns and ginger, leaving a slightly numbing impression. Liquorice and green wood. Fruit tea.

Finish: medium, with a warming peppery note, oak and some floral wood.

I’m a fan of anCnoc and while this is a tasty whisky, it’s a tad narrow and a tad hot. Maybe their fruity profile does work better at a lower ABV. Perhaps a little expensive for what this whisky has to offer. Still available from The Whisky Exchange.