Bunnahabhain 1987 33 Years (Maltbarn)

Bunnahabhain 1987 33 Years (Maltbarn)

This is the first dram I’m having in about a month, I’ve just returned from a welcome vacation in France where I had some really old Rivesaltes, Maury and other VDN’s but no whisky at all.

New on my desk is the latest batch of Maltbarn bottlings, and this 33 year old Bunnahabhain 1987 instantly grabbbed my attention.


Bunnahabhain 33 yo 1987 (49,5%, Maltbarn 2021, sherry cask, 100 btl.)

Nose: complex and layered. Cigar leaves, honey, hints of clay and waxed papers. Orange oil and apple peelings. A little linseed oil and furniture polish. Almonds and candied ginger. There’s a wee earthy touch and some brass polish as well. A good old refill style, with some proper Amontillado character.

Mouth: slightly more fruit-forward, with plums, raisins and Seville oranges, quickly mingling with bitter almonds, green tea, waxy notes and tobacco leaves. Walnuts and marmalade. There’s a slightly fragrant oaky side, on verbena and potpourri. Ginger and aniseed too, with lingering citrus peels.

Finish: medium, rather ethereal and woody, with more orange peel, fruit tea, resin and a salty edge.

A great Bunnahabhain cask, with noticeable age but enough power and complexity to keep its head up. Now compared to something like Untold Riches the price is really high, but the quality as well. Still available from Maltbarn direct, and probably from partner shops as well.