Teeling 20 Years Calvados / Teeling 2008 PX

Teeling 20 Years Calvados / Teeling 2008 PX

On the table: two Teeling whiskeys exclusively bottled for retailers.

The first is a 20 year old Teeling bottled to celebrate the opening of the Celtic Whiskey Shop on Dawson Street (Dublin), the 20th June 2003. They selected a Calvados cask.

Passion for Whisky in Holland picked the second whiskey. It was finished in a Pedro Ximénez cask from Bodegas Ximénez-Spínola. Teeling worked with this bodega before and it usually leads to a nice result.


Teeling 20 yo Calvados Cask (55,1%, OB for Celtic Whiskey 20th Anniversary 2023,  cask #9048, btl.)

Nose: full of apples indeed, as well as other orchard fruits and lemon peels. Then malty notes and slightly dusty spice, like nutmeg and ginger, alongside many minty / piney notes. Could be the French oak. A little butter caramel and roasted marshmallow too.

Mouth: rich apple sweetness again, alongside peppery spice. Mid-palate there’s a burst of charred pineapple, pink grapefruit and lemon candy, as well as baked pears and oranges. Some cinnamon and ginger with a grassy touch.

Finish: medium long, with spices adding a bit too much dryness. Still fruity notes as well though.

A nicely fruity Teeling with abundant apple sweetness, but also a firm grassy and spicy side which make it a bit sharp. Around € 300 from Celtic Whiskey Shop.



Teeling 13 yo 2008 (57,8%, OB for Passion for Whisky 2022, Ximénez-Spínola PX finish, cask #29639, 276 btl.)

Teeling 13 Years 2008 - Ximenez Spinola PX - Passion for Whisky Nose: red fruits, including glazed cherry and candy apples, rum & raisins and a little cocoa. Then nutmeg and cardamom come out, as well as pine honey, brown sugar, toffee and hints of gingerbread. Roasted hazelnuts and a grassy edge too.

Mouth: more raisin sweetness, cherries in brandy, walnuts and chestnuts. Some brown sugar and nutmeg. Chilli heat. Then dark chocolate and lightly charred notes. Some greener, herbal touches towards the end. A drop of water makes it more creamy and brings out butterscotch.

Finish: long, on dark chocolate, cold coffee and burnt caramel, leaving a bitter footprint in the very end.

Once more, a nice result. The typical Teeling fruitiness is not very noticeable here, but the sherry is balanced. Spicy wood seems to be a common thread in both bottlings. Exclusive to Passion for Whisky. Score: 86/100