Teeling 19 Years (Dutch Whisky Connection)

Teeling 19 Years (Dutch Whisky Connection)

If you want to bottle a cask of Teeling, then the only way would be to have an official bottling. So here you have a 19 year old Teeling whiskey exclusive to Michiel Wigman’s Dutch Whisky Connection.

What could this be? Teeling had a few Chardonnay casks (including a Chardonnay Sp¨atlese), white Burgundy casks, Muscat, Sauvignon Blanc and Sauternes. Is this different (since they’re not specifying) or is this a distillery secret?


Teeling 19 yo (56%, OB for Dutch Whisky Connection 2023, White wine cask #17208, 252 btl.)

Nose: a classic Irish fruitiness. Plenty of pear drops, pineapple aromas, as well as mashed bananas and hints of mango. Vanilla cake and honey. Then also a greener note, almost prickly, keeping it from becoming too sweet. This grassy side becomes stronger, also adding gingery notes.

Mouth: still some syrupy sweetness in the background. Jelly candy. However, the green notes become stronger and become slightly bitter. Green apples, ginger and white pepper, as well as a fresh herbal note. It feels slightly dissonant (compared to the sweet wine casks or the rum casks at least). Quite leafy after a while, with a hint of fresh oak and grapefruit.

Finish: medium length, bittersweet, on melons and ginger.

I prefer the more tropical sweetness of the rum casks for instance. Here you get a bittersweet edge and simply a more winey feeling. That said, a nice variation on Teeling’s aromatics. Still available from Dutch Whisky Connection.