Aldunie 1997 cask 1511 / 1512 (Whisky AGE)

Aldunie 1997  cask 1511 / 1512 (Whisky AGE)

Aldunie is a teaspooned Kininvie, the third distillery built by William Grant & Sons, in 1990. Mashing and malting takes place at The Balvenie, but parameters are different. The spirit character is certainly different from Balvenie or Glenfiddich, with more first-fill bourbon casks being used as well. It forms the backbone for Grant’s blended malt Monkey Shoulder.

Isn’t it quite surprising that the first independent Kininvie we review should be around 25 years of age already? There aren’t many official releases (we reviewed this and this) and they seem to be really good at protecting their production from independent bottlers. Whisky AGE in Taiwan got hold of a few casks, two of which we’re trying today.


Aldunie 24 yo 1997 (48,9%, The Whisky Blues 2021, barrel #1511, 171 btl.)

Nose: a kind of profile that I really like, with plenty of apricots, melons, banana cream and loads of freshly baked vanilla waffles, along with beehive notes (honey, pollen) and a warm waxiness. Marcona almonds and yellow wildflowers. Then refreshing minty notes and cardamom. Round and seductive.

Mouth: more of these fruits. Melons, lemons, hints of Fanta and honey. Vanilla cream and peach jam. Mid-palate the citrusy side becomes zesty, with a mild woody bitterness and more cardamom. Then white pepper and mint again. Gets slightly more grainy towards the end.

Finish: medium length, with woody aromatics, lingering fruit and mint.

There’s a fragrant side to it, but the warm fruits and easy waffle notes make this quite seductive. I wouldn’t mind trying this more often. Sold out from Whisky AGE.



Aldunie 25 yo 1997 (53,7%, Whisky AGE 2022, barrel #1512, 172 btl.)

Aldunie 1997 cask 1512 - Whisky AGE Nose: slightly more fresh oak this time, along with more alcohol. Pencil shavings, more nuts and a floral woody scent. It’s lighter, with most of the buttery waffle dough scent missing. Pears, gooseberries and melons, but a little more focus on citrus (lemon) and mint than in the sister cask.

Mouth: nice fruits again, slightly syrupy, with a floral and waxy side. A tad perfumed even. Melons, pears, lemon zest, with a firm peppery note and a good dose of green herbal notes.

Finish: medium length, with pepper and ginger, citrus zest and a mild hint of IPA bitterness.

Overall certainly sharper and greener than its sister. The fruitiness and the texture are nice enough but it suffers from comparison. This one is still available from Whiskybase. Score: 85/100