Old Pulteney 10 Year Old

Old Pulteney 10 Year Old

Old Pulteney is one of these distilleries that stick to a separate travel retail range. The fact that they all have an age statement deserves applause. We try the base expression, a 10 Year Old, but there’s also a 13 Year Old and the 16 Year Old we tried some time ago.


Old Pulteney 10 yo (40%, OB +/- 2023, traveller’s exclusive, second fill ex-bourbon casks)

Nose: plenty of malty notes (flour) at first. Then tart apples and unripe pear with sea air, hints of green banana and lemon. After a while some greenish, slightly perfumed new wood comes out, as well as vanilla toffee and herbal honey. I’m getting a light metallic touch and sourdough as well.

Mouth: pretty light and flat now. Lots of cereals and porridge, with faint pear, green melon and lime. There’s a certain creaminess to it but the watery side brings it down. Then chalky notes and salt-laden coastal air, mixed with grapefruit. Some almonds and grapes as well, with a faint bitter touch.

Finish: short, mostly on fresh wood shavings and lemony notes.

This 10 Year Old is really cheap (€ 35-45 for a liter bottle) so it cuts a few corners here and there. Especially the low ABV brings down the overall enjoyment. It has some coastal elements of Pulteney, but washed down, so I would go for the Old Pulteney 12 Years instead. Theoretically a travel retail exclusive, but (as often) also available in shops like Whiskysite.nl.