Pulteney 2008 Sherry Cask #7 (Signatory Vintage)

Pulteney 2008 Sherry Cask #7 (Signatory Vintage)

This is another one of the samples that somehow reached me from China. It was bottled by a couple of Chinese guys who wanted my opinion.

This Old Pulteney 2008 is part of a whole series of casks from Signatory Vintage. At least 20-30 casks exist. For instance Kirsch Import bottled cask 13, while cask 4 was bottled for France. Cask 4 and cask 9 are still available in The Netherlands too.


Old Pulteney 14 yo 2008 (55,9%, Signatory Vintage 2022, refill bourbon + sherry butt finish #7, 666 btl.)

Nose: really punchy, with a lot of orange liqueur and this hard candy in the form of tangerine slices. Red berries and hints of juicy plum. There’s toffee and light honey in the background. Then it becomes quite herbal, on heather, ginger and mint. White pepper and floral notes too – I guess that’s the bourbon period talking. Rather sweet and rich, really nice.

Mouth: nicely vibrant and fruity again, with an encompassing sweet side and thick texture. Plenty of marmalade, tangerines, baked apple, some redcurrant jam and sour cherry. Light caramel and almond notes. Then back to green oak, walnuts and herbal notes. Nutmeg and pepper, even a touch of salt in the end. Good fun.

Finish: quite long, with warm spicy notes and a long, sticky sweetness.

Really good whisky, with a great sweet-and-sour balance and beautifully candied fruits. Nifty cask management with a nice outcome. China is a bit too far, luckily there are so many sister casks.