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27 Feb 2009

Laphroaig Triple Wood

Tasting notes by Ruben Luyten - Posted in Laphroaig

Triple Wood, is that a nice way of saying the whisky has been matured in triplex (plywood)? Just kidding, this release is basically a Laphroaig Quarter Cask with an extra finish. It is aged in bourbon oak, then in smaller casks, which speed up the maturation (1/4 cask = +/- 120 litres – originally used to transport whisky on horseback). And now this Triple Wood is getting a third maturation in European oak, oloroso sherry butts.

At the moment this Laphroaig Triple Wood is only available in travel retail. I’ve paid € 65 at Brussels airport (1 litre bottle).


Laphroaig Triple Wood 48% Laphroaig Triple Wood (48%, OB 2008)

Nose: lots of camomile and a bit of butter. Smoky with a sweet edge. A bit of coconut, banana and apple. Basically the same flavours as the Quarter Cask, but maybe a tad less “barbecued”, more musty and with an additional layer of balanced sweetness. Less peat smoke than a regular Laphroaig, but just as medicinal (iodine). Mouth: full-bodied and pretty fruity. Again lots of camomile and camphor, like peated camomile tea. Not immediately smoky and quite a gentle, velvety impact. Toffee and vanilla. Liquorice. Woodsmoke. Finish: cigarettes in yesterday’s ashtray. Creamy aftertaste, rather sweet with hints of coffee and chocolate.

It seems that most people are not impressed by the Triple Wood. It’s true that this may be a small step away from the normal, powerful Laphroaig profile, but I think the sherry softness makes it richer. I prefer the Lagavulin Distiller’s Edition over the regular 16y, and in the same way I really like the additional treatment of this Laphroaig. Really good.

Score: 88/100.

Laphroaig Triple Wood 4 Ruben Luyten 2009-02-27
  • Jorgen

    sounds nice…I’m ready to taste it 😉

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  • Yummy

    I discovered this one a couple of days ago, and I give this one 92/100.

    I really loved the richness the cherry gives it. Those who don’t like this are only old fashioned =)


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  • gal

    Ruben, just now getting to it.
    I think i do prefer the regular qtr cask, to this.
    i so wanted to like it better. as i wanted to get this one badly and got ‘raped’ by customs and mail…
    (pardon my french)
    so, i still have to think how much i like this one. If i can look at the positive side., it’s easier to drink as the peat is toned down for sure. and a sweet edge does help non “laph” addicts get into the laph. profile.

    great notes as allways ruben

  • Ruben

    Thanks Gal. For me, this is Laphroaig Distillers Edition. Don’t you think the treatment is similar to Lagavulin 16 vs. Lagavulin DE? Less peat, added sweetness, more complexity…

  • gal

    Yes, i’m now writing my post and thats what i wrote.

    on the one hand i like it, it’s more complex, on the other hand,it’s not kicking enough as the QC.

    this time i drank it i liked it more than the 1st time… so i think it’s 1 point below QC for me.
    If i want really good peat-sweet combo, i will visit my beloved Uigedail….

    have u read my notes on the young OOgling?

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  • Wisconsin Fred

    I will drink Laphroaig til I died, and then keep drinking it some more. It’s in my blood.

  • Evert Vos

    We had a Masterclass Laphroaig last week. I’am not a Laphroaig fan but The triplewood tastes very good, and I ordered one. I Hope I will enjoy it.

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  • Des Eggie

    In whisky, I’m a lover of all things Islay ! Over the years, my “whisky of the moment” has been Ardbeg (17 y/o), Caol Ila (18 y/o) and Port Ellen (30 y/o). Laphroaig Triple Wood is the current holder of that title . . . still distinctively Islay . . . but a little different . . . a truly wonderful malt !

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