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01 Feb 2010

GlenDronach 1972 (cask #705 for LMdW)

Posted by: Ruben Luyten In: GlenDronach

In the 2009 series of GlenDronach single casks, the GlenDronach 1972 cask #719 was my favourite (in fact, it was one of the best bottlings I’ve tasted last year). A few months later, this sister cask #705 was bottled for La Maison du Whisky and won the Malt Maniacs award for Best Sherry Cask 2009 in the Ultra premium category.

It’s a 37 year-old, matured in an oloroso sherry butt.


Glendronach 1972/2009 LMdW 705 GlenDronach 37 yo 1972 (53,3%, OB 2009 for LMdW, oloroso cask #705, 399 btl.)

Nose: pretty similar to the markethouse bottling. More red fruits (raspberry rather than blueberry / blackcurrant. Citrus as well (blood orange). Water brings out hints of exotic fruits (papaya, mango). Dark chocolate. Some toasted notes. Less oak polish than the OB. Less farmy notes, more the meaty kind of sherry. Ginger, pepper. The LMdW nose is great but compared directly with the OB, it is slightly less complex and less expressive. Mouth: still those very nice red fruits but they are almost drowned by big waves of resinous notes and mentholated oak. Chocolate coated oranges. Tobacco leaves. Getting  quite tannic and dry with a salty hint of liquorice. Finish: woody and dry but very rich with notes of tangerine and milk chocolate.

I guess 1972 already is a legendary year for GlenDronach, in the same way  BenRiach 1976 are all great. I prefer the original bottling though. Still available from La Maison du Whisky at around € 310.

Score: 89/100

GlenDronach 1972 (cask #705 for LMdW) 4 Ruben Luyten 2010-02-01
  • Luc Timmermans

    hi Ruben,

    I couldn’t agree more, I prefer the 1972 general market release too. The LMDW is too dry and tannic, even for me ;-)


  • Bert B.


    I quote you: “I guess 1972 already is a legendary year for GlenDronach” … indeed … many (2) have been bottled already, of which half (1) was over-sherried ;-) … and if even Luc Olorosso says so ;-) ;-) !!!

    I liked the ‘official’ one MUCH MUCH more … 93 points against 83 points !!!

    B. !!!

  • Ruben

    For me the difference between the two is a bit more subtle. I wouldn’t call it over-sherried either, the LMdW cask contains more wood but that’s not the same.

  • Bert B.

    Ruben, on the nose … I almost blocked on the heavy sherry … just checked my notes, and in the mouth, we basically agree: smooth and dry, BIG sherry, nutty, getting woody and bitter in finish.

    The official one is fruitier and MUCH more complex.

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  • paul arnold

    Does anyone have an idea what my 1972 cask 921 is worth as it is gathering dust since stopping drinking?

  • mars

    What’s this cask 921? Never heard about this one!


  • Jochem Hiddink

    @paul arnold,

    you can contact me @ ikke4[verwijderdit]@[en nog een keer]chellopuntnl

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