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13 Apr 2011

Kilchoman cask 334 for Belgium

Posted by: Ruben Luyten In: Kilchoman

Kilchoman is surfing the wave of exclusive single cask bottlings. There has been cask #232 for La Maison du Whisky, #154 for The Whisky Show, #120, #211 and recently #252 for The Netherlands… A quick look at Whiskybase tells us they’ve released at least 50 expressions already!

This single cask was bottled for the Belgian whisky festival Spirits of the Sea. It was distilled on the 10th of October 2007 and bottled on the 14th of October 2010, perfectly timed to call it whisky.


Kilchoman cask 334 BelgiumKilchoman 3 yo 2007
(62,4%, OB 2010, bourbon cask #334)

Nose: starts peaty and sweet with remarkable notes of olive juice and mild green chilli pepper. Quite oily as well. None of the synthetic sweetness that we disliked in earlier Kilchoman. Water brings out ashes and walnuts. Mouth: hugely peaty and smokey with a citrus sweetness and big briney notes. Salt water. Olives again. Water highlights the smoke again. Like a concentrated Laphroaig. Finish: long, half sweet, half briney with a few hints of dark smoked tea. Ashes.

This is one of the best releases I’ve tasted from Kilchoman. It’s also one of the first to hide its age. I would say they’re on their way to success if not for the price: around € 75 seems to be a standard price for recent single casks.

Score: 85/100

ps/ Even though the original price was very heavy already, soon after the festival it was being offered on different websites for € 149 and € 170. You have to be out of your mind to pay such prices. It’s not worth it and I seriously doubt it will become a valuable collectors item if so many are dumped on the market and collected by so many people.

Kilchoman cask 334 for Belgium 3.5 Ruben Luyten 2011-04-13
  • Michael

    I totally agree regarding the price settings.
    Talking about madness – check out the danish Braunstein homepage – 3-yo for 1.267 € for a 50 cl. bottle

  • Ruben

    Crazy. Talking about Braunstein… Am I the only one who thinks is too obviously copied from Are they related, is it a free website template or just plain plagiarism?

  • Michael

    I think/hope they bought the concept/template from the owner – its probably not free.
    I tend to use MoMs homepage for obvious reasons :-)

  • Ruben

    Apparently it’s a case of plagiarism.
    Master of Malt was quite surprised :-)

  • bakerman

    Fully agree, this bottles should get dusty on shelfs….

    I like Kilchoman and tried the new spirit and also some of the following ones (e.g “anticipation”2y) and was happy to get an opportunity to taste such young spirit at that time. These miniatures and bottles were also fairly priced but since Kilchoman is a proper whisky prices have become crazy ( e.g the few bottles left of the “anticipation 2y” are now sold for 150GBP in some shops!)

    Is like with Ardbegs success, now you have to pay (invest) more money for a 10yo single cask than for a 25-ish year old whisky from the seveties 10 years back.

    Slainte mhath to Caol Ila! :)

  • Roel

    The price/quality rating is BBB+, which is a little below par, but still OK if you are collecting.

    With prices higher than €75,- the rating might go down to B or even C rating levels, which makes it only interesting for die hard collectors.

  • Whiskyhuis

    I thought this single cask was bottled for the Spirits in the skye instead of Spirits of the sea.

    About the price settings, I also don’t understand why people are paying 149 or 170 euro in other countries when it’s still available in the country of release at normal prices.

  • Michael

    Ruben – The Braunstein shop has closed down. Maybe somebody got a call fra the rightful owner :-)

    Closed down for maintenance till 18.4.2011



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