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09 Sep 2011

The Whisky Exchange Whisky Show

Tasting notes by Ruben Luyten - Posted in * News

Elements of Islay Kh1The Whisky Exchange Whisky Show (London) is coming up Friday 7th and Saturday 8th October 2011. Head over to their webpage for all the details.


For now we’ll focus on the upcoming new bottlings that will be presented at the show.

First there is the inaugural bottling of Elements of Islay Kh1, the first independent bottling of Kilchoman. It will be accompanied by Bn1, Lp3, Cl2, Br2 and Pe5 (if that last one arrives in time).


Lochside 1964 Single BlendThe Whisky Exchange showcases a Lochside 1964 Single Blend (46 years old). It contains malt and grain whisky distilled in 1964. Interesting to see it was vatted immediately after distillation. I’m sure this will be great.

There’s also a Bowmore 1993 Masterpiece, said to be considerably peatier than normal for the distillery. Next up are a Glen Garioch 1971 (OB for TWE), new Single Malts of Scotland releases from Clynelish 1972 and 1982, Ardmore 1992, Aberlour 1990 and Whisky Trail bottlings (Caol Ila 1999 and Macallan 1990).

And this is not all, there will be new releases by Number One Drinks (Karuizawa 1981), Highland Park, Longrow, Buffalo Trace, Amrut etc. It will surely be an event to remember.

The Whisky Exchange Whisky Show Ruben Luyten 2011-09-09
  • Uffe

    PE5? didnt even know there had been a PE4?

  • ALouis

    Hmmmm i’m interested by Glen Garioch 71, Karuizawa 81 and Clynelish 72.
    You have an idea of the avaibility of these bottles and prices please?

  • Ruben

    Not yet, but I will ask for more info.

    @Uffe: my thoughts exactly, Pe3 was launched in November 2010 but I hadn’t seen a Pe4 in the meantime.

  • bakerman

    Exciting news! Would be happy to get only one of the highlights Karuizawa, Glen Garioch, Clynelish or Lochside Single Blend.

    Don’t believe the Lochside Single Blend will be near the 69 GBP as the first version in 2007, but very good news that this marriage after distillation wasn’t a “one-off experiment” at Lochside distillery :)

  • Johannes

    Pe4 was a release for the Cinderella Cruiser. (Sweden-Finland.

  • Ruben

    That explains why I found a Swedish amateur picture of it but nothing else :-)

  • Christof

    The lochside single blend was an extra we tasted at maltstock after the new elements of islay. no Kh1 or Pe5 at maltstock but there was a new Lg.

    price for a bottle of the lochside will be around 230pound

  • Ruben

    And how was the Lochside?

  • Christof

    I dont do tasting notes, but it was a beautiful fruity dram.
    The 1965 for Adelphi was too much on the sherry for my taste but in my humble opinion neither of them comes near the 1964 bottled by Scott´s Selection several years ago.

  • Ruben

    Thanks for the valuable comments, Christof.

  • Whiskysite

    What i heard is that the LP2 was for Sweden… but never heard that a PE4 also was for them… ;-(

    I saw the new price for the CL2… its 40% up… ufff… any idea Ruben?

  • David Lilley

    Lochside produces amazing whisky. I’d love to try this 1964 Single Blend

  • Stuart Robson

    I can confirm that the Lochside is indeed stunning, truly beautiful whisky. The 1982 Clynelish SMOS they bottled just before the show is very good also, 43.1% Cask strength, as is their new Masterpieces 1993 Bowmore which is typical of the vintage being very fresh and beatifully fruity.

  • ALouis

    Lochside will be available for 235£

  • Kenneth

    Karuizawa is said to cost 235£ as well.
    Has anyone tasted it?

  • bakerman

    Some of the bottles are now available on:

    However, the Clynelish and Karuizawa seems to be sold out (which of course isn’t a big surprise) and the Lochside (260GBP), Brora (350GBP)and Glen Garioch (399GBP) are too heavy priced for me I must say. The 42 yo Lochside Single Blend from same vintage was certainly a bargain at the time but does that justify rising the price > 350% for additional 4 years…

    I know the whiskies were meant for the show, but with the prices in mind it would be great if they decide to offer sample sets in the future the case there are bottles left.

  • bakerman

    Update: Now the Pe5 (175GBP) and two Clynelishes (72 & 82) are added to the online shop. The 82 is very fairly priced.

  • Stuart Robson

    @bakerman The 82 Clynelish is a bit of a steal in my view. It’s beautifully concentrated and typical of (read great) 82 Clynelish. Some of the prices have gone ip since the show (the Lochside was £235 over the weekend for example) and the Brora is certainly not worth the price when you consider what a 2007 OB 30yo can be picked up for

  • Stuart Robson

    Should say, even with the price increase, the Lochside is still a beauty.

  • Kenneth

    I’ve got the Karuizawa pre-ordered.

    235£ seems a bit much to me, but I guess that’s the trend…

  • bakerman

    @Stuart: Thanks, your comment from the 8th and published tasting notes on had already made me thirsty and I ordered a bottle of the 82 Clynelish yesterday :)



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