Bunnahabhain 1974 (Whisky Agency)

The third Bunnahabhain from The Whisky Agency is a 34 year-old matured in an oloroso sherry cask. You could have easily guessed that, this one is intensely copper coloured instead of the golden hue of the other two.

Bunnahabhain 34yo 1974 - Whisky Agency Oloroso sherry can be really sweet (e.g. Solera 1847 by Gonzalez Byass) or dry (e.g. Alfonso by Gonzalez Byass or the 30 year-old Apostoles).


Bunnahabhain 34y 1974 (59,3%, The Whisky Agency 2008, Perfect Dram I, 300 btl.)

Nose: whoaa, terrific sherry influence! Leather and dried fruits (prunes, dates). Chocolate. Tobacco, cigar box. Some hints of a dusty cellar with refreshing mint at the same time. Nutty flavours as well. Dark sugar. With some water, slightly floral notes appear. Very complex and extremely well balanced. Wonderful.

Mouth: really intense and mouth coating. Starting sweet, with a bit of brown sugar and dried fruit. A tad herbal (is that thyme?). Walnuts. Clearly marked by the wine but very smooth. Getting drier in the end.

Finish: long, lingering aftertaste on dark chocolate and dried apricots.

This kind of dram makes my day. I’m a fan of old, sherry matured whisky and it fits the Bunnahabhain perfectly. Easily the best whisky of the three. Also the most expensive at € 180.

Score: 91/100


subcat5 Bunnahabhain 32y 1976 (fino sherry)
subcat5 Bunnahabhain 35y 1973 (refill sherry)

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