Littlemill 1988 (The Whiskyman)

Next up in the new Whiskyman releases is a Littlemill distilled in 1988 and nicknamed “Sympathy for the Whisky”. Did you notice how this year’s releases all refer to a Rolling Stones song?



Littlemill 1988 WhiskymanLittlemill 24 yo 1988 ‘Sympathy for the Whisky’ (54,2%, The Whiskyman 2012, 159 btl.)

Nose: you know the kind of cheesecake with a layer of lemon marmalade on top? This is the liquid version. Really, it’s packed with citrus fruits, more specifically all sorts of candied citrus zests. Closest to yuzu or ugli I’d say, kind of a greenish citrus aroma with some orange aromas. There’s no citrus sourness though, it’s really candied and sort of pastry-like. Some hints of bergamot oil as well.

Mouth: still this wonderful combo of refreshing citrus fruits (more tangerine now) and candied sweetness, although this is now balanced by a very soft bitterness and gentle spices from the oak. Superbly focused.

Finish: medium long, mostly sweet with the same underlying soft spiciness.

I’m quite sure nobody has ever tasted anything like this, even if you’ve tried all other Littlemill on the market. It’s totally unique, very attractive and easily drinkable. On the other hand, it’s not complex – I’d even say we’re getting into the territory of cask-strength Grand Marnier here. Around € 120. Recommended.

Score: 88/100


Please pay even less attention to my score than in other reviews. Complexity is a key element in my scoring and this whisky doesn’t really fit that criterion. Nonetheless there’s a good chance you will absolutely adore it (as I do). Be sure to try it yourself and make up your own mind.