Tomatin 1976 (Mo Òr)

Tomatin used to be a giant (in terms of product capacity) but relatively unknown distillery until it was discovered a couple of years ago as a beautiful single malt. Just like for BenRiach (another one of these “re-discovered” distilleries) the 1976 vintage helped to gain respect, alongside the great 1960’s expressions.

This MO ÒR Tomatin is 34 year old whisky distilled on the 31st of December in 1976, which is a rarity by itself.


Tomatin 1976 (Mo Or Collection)Tomatin 34 yo 1976 (46%, Mo Òr Collection 2011, sherry butt #4, 954 btl.)

Nose: mirabelles on syrup, soaked raisins, ripe plums and red berries. That lovely Tomatin fruitiness topped with sandalwood and oak polish. Baked bananas in the background. Soft herbal and spicy notes (juniper, mint). Again this is one of the more heavy-body versions that have less tropical fruits and more classic sherry. Very good nonetheless.

Mouth: sweet and fruity, great sherry character again and a great wave of pink grapefruit and – there they are – tropical fruits like mango and honeydew melon. Also hints of coconut cream, a really nice touch. Quickly after that though, it swings towards herbs and liquorice, with a woodiness and a peppery feeling that seems louder than in similar expressions.

Finish: slightly shorter than expected. Still lots of mint and spicy notes.


This Tomatin 1976 combines a fruity core, a balanced amount of sherry and oak. I tried it quickly before (thanks Kris for sharing Marc’s bottle, heheh) and it seemed a tad too woody back then. After a proper tasting I think it’s certainly within limits and quite a rich version. Around € 150 for a 50cl bottle.

Score: 91/100