Jura 1976 (JWWW Gentle Noses)

Jack Wiebers WhiskyI cannot believe I’ve only published one note of a Jack Wiebers whisky so far. It’s a German company that has been distributing and bottling whisky for many years.

Their Scottish Castles Series was launched in 1998 and other series include Auld Distillers, Old Train Line, Prenzlow Collection and The Cross Hill. Gentle Noses is a premium series. All of their bottlings tend to have elaborate (sometimes slightly pompous) labels.

Jack Wiebers Whisky World bottlings can be great but for some reason they seem to stay somewhat under the radar, at least outside of their home country.



Isle of Jura 1976 JWWW Gentle NosesIsle of Jura 35 yo 1976
(51,3%, Jack Wiebers Whisky World 2012, bourbon cask #60006, 120 btl.)

Nose: a smooth and harmonious nose. Sweet fruits (mirabelles and berries) and old oak in equal measures. Hints of dusty cellars. Some nutty notes. Subtle farmy notes as well. Fresh bell pepper. Roll-your-own cigarette tobacco. Mint and eucalyptus. Maybe not as expressive as I would have wanted, but gorgeous aromas and an impressive elegancy.

Mouth: quite a lot of wood, but more the kind of tart notes than dryness. Again fruity undertones of pink grapefruit and apple, with a floral twist (crossing the fine line of becoming perfumy at times, which is too bad). Some grassy notes and whiffs of smoke. Tobacco again. Fades on coastal notes (soft brine and liquorice).

Finish: long, still some oak up front, liquorice, bitter oranges and hints of mustard.

A difficult one. The nose has all the old Jura goodness, but it lacks a little punch. And the palate leans towards perfumy / soapy notes, although they are soft. Not the perfect Jura but too good to give a mediocre score. Around € 230. Thanks Herbert.

Score: 90/100