Banff 1975 (Signatory cask #3343)

The other day I realized how long it had been since I last tried a Banff. I know there was a Banff by Duncan Taylor (Tantalus) fairly recently, but that was outrageously priced, which proves how rare this distillery has become.



Banff 1975 Signatory #3343Banff 31 yo 1975 (43%, Signatory Vintage 2007, hogshead #3343, 261 btl.)

Nose: hay and dried flowers, with lots of metallic notes and greasy touches. Almost phenolic. Wet chalk and gravel. Hints of cooked apple and a faint honeyed note. Quite odd when you read this description, but that’s Banff. Very old-fashioned.

Mouth: a bit funny again. Mustardy and peppery, with an apple / lemon sweetness to make it rounder. Lots of herbs and grasses. Heather. Quite beautiful if you appreciate some mineral sharpness. Grapefruit zest and leather. Something metallic again. Strange floral touches.

Finish: medium. It takes the bittersweet notes a little further and becomes slightly bitter in the very end.

I know Banff is technically a Speyside distillery, but I find this such an old-style Highlands profile… Difficult and unsexy, but very intriguing. Given its age, not extremely expensive in auctions.

Score: 87/100