Irish single malt 1999 (The Nectar)

The Irish single malt 1988 from The Nectar has a younger sister, although it could be more like a niece.

I’m not sure this 16 years old Irish single malt 1999 was produced in the same distillery. Probably not, actually. As you know indie casks are mostly sold in larger lots, and most 1999s point to Cooley.



Ireland 16 yo 1999 - The Nectar & LMdWIrish single malt 16 yo 1999 (53,5%, The Nectar of the Daily Drams 2015, joint bottling with LMdW)

Nose: a slightly greener kind of fruitiness. Plenty of citrus, especially grapefruit. Hints of lemon (blossom) and white peach. Nice banana liqueur and banana bubblegum in the background, as well as white gummi bears and light spices and herbs (caraway). Also waxy hints (how far is Clynelish from Ireland)?

Mouth: bananas aplenty. Grapefruits and lemonade. Fresh, green and gingery. Becomes fairly spicy with pepper and liquorice. Green tea. The waxy notes are still present.

Finish: medium long, same notes. Bright fruits and spices.

Maybe Cooley, yes. Really nice whisky again, the kind of profile that keeps you sipping all night long. Around € 85. Thank you, Angelo.

Score: 87/100