Longmorn 1974 (Whisky Fair)

Ah, 2006… a time when cask numbers were still disclosed and 1970’s casks were still readily available.

Today: Longmorn 1974, a sister cask of a Scottish Castles release I reviewed a couple of years ago. Distilled in April 1974 and bottled for The Whisky Fair in Limburg. They also had a wonderful Clynelish 1974 at the same time. Now tell me the whisky landscape hasn’t changed…



Longmorn 1974 - The Whisky Fair #3494Longmorn 31 yo 1974
(49,8%, The Whisky Fair 2006, bourbon hogshead #3494, 135 btl.)

Nose: ah, that lovely 1970’s profile of Longmorn (and neighbouring distilleries). Beehive notes, honey and wax. Apricots, honeydew melon, quinces and pineapple. Beautifully warm and creamy, with nice vanilla and polished furniture. There’s a minty / gingery note as well.

Mouth: sweet and spicy. The apricots are back, yellow plums and a glimpse of BenRiach 1976-like grapefruits. The first half is nothing but fruits, the second half is the oak talking. Pepper and peppermint, a little nutmeg. Then also plain oak, including a slight bitterness.

Finish: long, minty and peppery.

This one made me a little melancholic. Maybe it’s not the best whisky ever, but it’s exactly the profile that got me hooked. Sadly it’s gone – it was already quite oaky back then, so even if another cask turned up, it would be over the top.

Score: 91/100