Garrison Brothers Texas Straight Bourbon

Garrison Brothers is the first legal whiskey distillery in Texas, founded in 2005. Their Texas Straight Boubon is highly rated by Jim Murray in his Whisky Bible, this Lone Star state whisky is produced in Hye.

It’s a bourbon of little over 3 years old, with a mashbill of about 75% Texas corn, with malted two-row barley from the Pacific Northwest and Canada and winter wheat grown in their own estate. It’s supposed to age fast in the warm Texas climate. They’ve had some problems with bursting barrels in the first few runs, which made them experiment with smaller barrels (12-15 gallons).

It’s only recently available outside of Texas. They also seem to do single barrel bottlings.



Garrison Brothers Texas Straight Bourbon 2015Garrison Brothers Texas Straight Bourbon (47%, OB 2015)

Nose: lots of pencil shavings, carpenter workshop, alongside slightly funny hints of ladies powder and lipstick (which reminds me of some old Ben Nevis). Almost entirely on woody notes. Light coconut flakes and vanilla too.

Mouth: fairly gentle attack, with creamy notes and (peanut) buttery touches, before the oak kicks in and brings along bags of spices. Roasted corn and caramel apples. Pepper and cinnamon. Liquorice too.

Finish: not too long, on slightly bitter oak, mocha and tobacco.

Extra points for its unique character, although it’s young, mostly sawdust-driven and has a few quirky sides (which is of course part of its appeal). Around $ 75 in the US and € 95 if you’re able to find it in Europe. In both cases too expensive for what it is.

Score: 81/100