New: Glenlivet Cipher / The Exceptional

Glenlivet Cipher

Most of this week was dominated by the news about the first Diageo Special Releases 2016 and really thin press releases for Father’s Day.

Glenlivet Cipher is a new “mystery malt” much like the Glenlivet Alpha. With its production wrapped in secrecy, you’ll have to try this single malt scotch whisky yourself to break the code. It’s made from a unique cask combination that has never before been used by The Glenlivet and not only is it a whisky without age, vintage or cask disclosure, they are also making a secret of the tasting notes – you’ll have to decipher them with the help of your nose and a dedicated website. As all details are wrapped in secrecy, there isn’t much more to tell, except that it’s bottled at 48% and costs around € 130.

Crazy marketing, guys. Even when the whisky is good, I think it’s tricky to expect people to play a game and pay for something they may like, or may not like at all. I’ll pass.



The Exceptional

The Exceptional is a brand of whiskies by US spirits company Sutcliffe & Son. They teemed up with Number One Drinks (of Karuizawa fame) for distribution in Europe.

Their first batch consists of The Exceptional Grain (3rd Edition), The Exceptional Malt (2nd Edition) and the Exceptional Blend (1st Edition). No further details either, I’m afraid. All of them will be available for around € 110.