Bruichladdich 1992 (Cadenhead)

WM Cadenhead bottled several Bruichladdich 1992 casks so far, mostly in the Authentic collection and recently in the Small Batch series. This is from the January 2017 releases – it’s hard to find but I’m not sure whether it is sold out already or still on the way.



Bruichladdich 24 yo 1992 - Cadenhead Small BatchBruichladdich 24 yo 1992 (53,3%, Cadenhead ‘Small Batch’ 2016, 3 bourbon hogsheads, 588 btl.)

Nose: starts with an oldskool dustiness , then also a waxy note (kind of a 1960s Ben Nevis waxy note if that makes sense to you). It will settle on this nice combination of garden fruits (apple, pear) and candle wax. Hints of salty butter. Then some sweet lemon, cinnamon and vanilla. Pineapple cubes in the background. Hints of apricots and tangerines. Minty notes. Really nice.

Mouth: big, with a similar combination of bright fruits (apricots, pineapple sweets, banana) and these waxy, now rather more chalky notes. Lots of Mediterranean herbs (thyme), including a gentle bitterness. Hay. Light pepper.

Finish: medium long, with pepper, honey and citrus.

This is not a modern, easy-going whisky, as expected from Bruichladdich. Some great touches and above all lots of fun. Excellent value at around € 130 (even less in the UK).

Score: 89/100