Irish single malt Extra Old (Beacon Spirits)

Summer is here and micro-bottler Beacon Spirits presented a new Irish Single Malt XO. No distillery and no age.



Ireland Extra Old - Beacon SpiritsIrish Single Malt XO
(51,8%, Beacon Spirits 2016, 77 btl.)

Nose: light, sweet and fruity. Marshmallow, pear eau-de-vie and banana candy. Something of tinned pineapple. More grassy notes than in the older undisclosed Irish bottlings, as well as a slight hint of nail polish remover.

Mouth: round and fruity again. Slightly more tropical: bananas, melons, mango sherbet. Grapefruit syrup. Similar minty / grassy notes too, with green spices and something of latte. Not as wide as the vintage releases, and slightly more alcoholic, but nice.

Finish: medium long, on green fruits, greengages and ginger.

Good stuff again, with white fruits and sharper, spicier notes. Not cheap for a blind whiskey, but a nice summery dram and a good introduction to this Irish style. Around € 140.

Score: 86/100