Speyside Region 1998 (Lads of Lobland)

BYOB-C (Bring your own bottle club) is a Belgian whisky club who often rely on The Whisky Mercenary to provide their club bottlings. I remember a Glenlossie 1992 with the same Lads of Lobland label, but this time it’s an undisclosed Speyside whisky distilled in 1998.



Speyside region 1998 - Lads of Lobland BYOB-CSpeyside Region 18 yo 1998 (53,4%, Whisky Mercenary for BYOB-C ‘Lads of Lobland’ 2016, bourbon cask, 100 btl.)

Nose: plenty of orchardy notes, fruits and blossoms. Apples, greengages, gooseberres, white grapes… a little candy sugar and honey. Vanilla. The malty core and spices (ginger, pepper, mint) balance the sweetness.

Mouth: quite sweet again, and fruity like a white wine. Green apples, peaches, lemons. Honey, hints of almonds. Very bright and aromatic, simple pleasures. Some punchy pepper towards the end.

Finish: not too long, bright, half fruity, half oaky and malty.

The brightness and fruitiness of this Speyside dram is hard to resist. Easy drinking whisky which they sold for around € 100 if I’m not mistaken.

Score: 86/100