Amrut single malt

We’ve all come to respect Amrut for making Indian single malt whisky that deserves its place in the market. However, they’ve come a long way. I dug up a bottle that I bought in 2008, with Indian text on the label and a pink Indian tax label…



amrut-single-maltAmrut single malt
(40%, OB 2007, Batch 07)

Nose: sweet, with an industrial side. Stale butter, cardboard. Dusty dried flowers. Hints of oranges after a while, some honey and caramel. Perhaps a hint of marshmallow.

Mouth: again very sweet, but in a rather indefinite way. Caramel, biscuits, mocha glaze. Then some rough wood and lemon. At least it’s less industrial than the nose.

Finish: short, boring like a young blend.

Just not good. It’s spirity and doesn’t get beyond vague, bland flavours. The industrial side makes it hard to drink. Shortly after this they started to release much better stuff, I remember the first time I tried an impressive Amrut.

Score: 50/100