Wardhead 1997 (Liquid Treasures)

First Lochan Sholum, now Wardhead… soon they will only be allowed to put ‘whisky’ on the label. Many well-known distilleries don’t allow independent bottlers to use their name on the label: Glenfiddich, Balvenie, Highland Park, Glenfarclas, Lagavulin…

More often than not though, we are pretty certain where the liquid comes from: Wardhead is a common name for teaspooned Glenfiddich, with a little Balvenie added. The opposite formula is called Burnside. In both cases technically a blended malt. Mind that the Scots are currently (heavily) discussing this concept of ‘agreed’ nicknames, they want total vagueness and are apparently registering some of these names to make sure they can only be used when they think it’s appropriate. Burnside can now only come from Cadenhead, for instance. Lawyers…

Anyway, Wardhead distilled in 1997 and bottled by Liquid Treasures.



Wardhead 1997 - Liquid TreasuresWardhead 21 yo 1997 (55,5%, Liquid Treasures ‘Entomology’ 2018, bourbon hogshead)

Nose: classic apples and pears, baked in a little butter and sprinkled with some vanilla. Also fragrant peaches. Quince jelly. Honey. Cereal notes and a little cinnamon.

Mouth: quite neutral, on barley eau-de-vie, with the same orchard fruits and more spicy oak (pepper, ginger, a little mint). Oranges, with zests. Not very complex, really malty and fresh.

Finish: medium, all on malts and gentle fruits, as well as a few floral notes.

Apple sweetness, malts and oak. Classic stuff, nothing ground-breaking but very well priced: around € 90 (other bottlers have similar casks at € 120-130). Available from eSpirits.

Score: 86/100