Inchmoan 2004 (cask #68 for Holy Dram)

Holy Dram is a Facebook group with whisky aficionados in Israel. They’re discussing spirits but also organizing local tastings and such. They already invested in a cask of Milk & Honey spirit and now they’ve selected a single cask Inchmoan 2004 exclusive to Israel.

Cask #68 was a recharred hogshead filled with peated Inchmoan spirit. They are currently preselling it in the local market.



Inchmoan 2004 for Holy Dram ILInchmoan 14 yo 2004
(54,2%, OB for Holy Dram IL 2018, recharred hogshead #68, 220 btl.)

Nose: this particular blend of robust ashy peat and a bit of an Irish fruitiness. Lime, sweet bananas, roasted pineapple. Then back to antiseptic cream and old ashtrays. Some fresh eucalyptus and spicy aromas (nutmeg, pepper). Vanilla. Waxy notes. The lightest hint of caramel.

Mouth: creamy, with this lovely fruitiness again (mirabelles, pineapple cubes, mango) mixed with ashes, mint and chilli. Mezcal smoke. Hints of toffee and cinnamon syrup. Some charred wood and vanilla again.

Finish: quite lengthy, with sweet apple, peppery smoke and zesty lime.

Pretty excellent: this slightly tropical fruitiness is lovely and combines well with the ashy smoke. Now on pre-sale, contact Gal for more info.

Score: 88/100