Glen Moray 1990 (Whisky Agency for TWE)

The Whisky Exchange has a history of excellent joint bottlings with The Whisky Agency (this and this are two of my favourites) and now they have a new one.

A Glen Moray 1990, 28 years of age. No mention of a cask type at all, which is uncommon for this bottler.



Glen Moray 1990 - TWA for The Whisky ExchangeGlen Moray 28 yo 1990 (51,4%, The Whisky Agency for The Whisky Exchange 2018)

Nose: a waxy and fruity profile that reminds us of the 1970s. Juicy yellow apples, apricots and banana ice cream, nice! Hints of beeswax, lipstick (old Ben Nevis comes to mind) and sunflower oil. A little chamomile. Honeysuckle, vanilla cake, marzipan and stewed berries.

Mouth: sweet and creamy again. Bananas are back, with ripe apples, tangerine and a kind of buttery vanilla. Coconut cake. Honey. Then getting zestier, with ginger, grapefruit and lime. A hint of Schweppes.

Finish: medium long, cake-y with sweet apple, lime and spicy oak.

A very round, oily and fruity Glen Moray. Really great, totally my style. Only available from The Whisky Exchange, still a few cases in stock.

Score: 90/100