Glen Moray 28 Years (Boutique-y Whisky)

A new Glen Moray 28 Year Old from That Boutique-y Whisky Company.

There’s a red / pink hue to this, which might indicate wine influence of some kind, or maybe a heavily (re-)charred cask?



Glen Moray 28 Years TBWCGlen Moray 28 yo (47,5%, The Boutique-y Whisky Co 2018, Batch #3, 143 btl.)

Nose: very minty start, with pencil shavings and worn leather, in a rather bourbony way. Hints of red berry pastries and candy. Red apples. Coconut and toffee. Touches of star anise. Burnt orange cake.

Mouth: the red berries are back (cranberry juice, hints of raspberry) with a sour and indeed slightly winey side. Rhubarb, cinnamon, violet candy and some pears. Coconut again, old sour wood. Developing a slightly greenish, bitter side towards the end.

Finish: woody notes, cinnamon and oranges.

Good and really interesting, this one, like a mix of bourbon and Scotch, with fragrant wood and candied notes. We know Glen Moray likes to experiment, I’d love to find out how they treated this cask. Available from Master of Malt but the price is rather funny.

Score: 83/100