Bruichladdich 1984 / 32 (Rare Cask Series)

Bruichladdich 1984 / 32 (Rare Cask Series)

In 2017 Bruichladdich released three expressions in the Rare Cask Series: a 1984, 1985 and 1986, each composed of the very last casks from these vintages.

The oldest one, this Bruichladdich 1984 /32 ‘Bourbon: All In’ is a mix of 12 refill bourbon barrels and hogshead filled with unpeated spirit on 31st December of that year. They were set aside and reracked into first-fill bourbon in 2008.  


Bruichladdich 32 yo 1984 ‘Bourbon: All In’ (43,7%, OB ‘Rare Cask Series’ 2017, 3000 btl.)

Nose: very natural, rich Bruichladdich. Beautiful fruits like plums, melons, mango and apricots. Buttercups. Vanilla and honey, mixed with light notes of coconut. Some mint and dusty oak, as well as a coastal tinge of salinity tying everything together.

Mouth: sweet jammy fruits, like pineapple, tangerines and apricots. A little marmalade. Creamy vanilla and tablet. Soft oak spice (ginger, liquorice) and leafy hints, as well as this clear island character, balancing the sweetness. Some biscuity / grainy notes and hints of cedar.

Finish: very long, slightly nutty, with citrus zest and allspice.

Laddie spirit can really shine at this age. It’s layered and sophisticated with a balanced oak influence and plenty of distillery character. Really tasty. Still available but it doesn’t come cheap. Best I could find is TyndrumWhisky and The Whisky Exchange.