Cognac Borderies ‘Autour de 1913’ (Malternative)

Cognac Borderies ‘Autour de 1913’ (Malternative)

The second release from the recently restarted Malternative Belgium is a Cognac from around 1913 from the same house as the first release, the descendants of René Rivières.

This comes from the Borderies region again, and it’s bottled at cask strength 40.5% ABV.


Cognac Héritage René Rivière ‘Autour de 1913’ (40,5%, Malternative Belgium 2020, 42 btl.)

Nose: even though I don’t have the first release to compare directly, it is certainly the same style. Very elegant, very fresh and floral, with the typical fragrant apricots, orange peel, and quinces, mixed with mint and dried flowers. Golden raisins. Verbena. Orange blossom. Soft hints of cedar and tobacco.

Mouth: tobacco and mint again, then eucalyptus and herbal tea. Oranges, peaches, greengages and mirabelles. Just a little pink grapefruit, but this is slightly less tropical than the first. The oak feels a little towards the end, with some resinous notes. Impressive freshness overall, just imagine this was made over 100 years ago!

Finish: quite long, on herbal teas, citrus peel, mint and wood resin.

Another excellent fresh cognac from this house. I may prefer the first release by a small margin, but this is another collector’s item that is even more drinkable and even more delicate. Around € 479, head over to the Malternative shop if you fancy one.