Inchmurrin 1997 (Liquid Treasures)

Inchmurrin 1997 (Liquid Treasures)

Liquid Treasures has a new series called Living World. One of them is an Inchmurrin 1997 from a classic bourbon barrel. A name that may not cause a stir in most cases, but I’m always interested in its fruity, floral style.


Inchmurrin 23 yo 1997 (48,5%, Liquid Treasures 2020, bourbon barrel, 115 btl.)

Nose: surprising, really nice. Fruit syrups, say pineapple, guava and lychee. Also marshmallows and plenty of waxy notes. Paraffin and mango scented candles. Hints of wet newspaper, chai spice and maybe some fresh paint as well. Not exactly classic, but the fruitiness is great.

Mouth: still this bright fruitiness of pink grapefruit, orange and gooseberries. Also eucalyptus and very light medicinal touches, as well as some fragrant pink peppercorns and cigar leaves.

Finish: medium to long, with this lovely combination of tropical fruits and menthol.

A very pleasant, rather unique style with tropical fruits at its core, but not without some quirky additions. One of these names that can really surprise you – great selection. Still a few available from eSpirits and its partner shops.