Balblair 2005 cask #213 for The Whisky Exchange

Balblair 2005 cask #213 for The Whisky Exchange

As I wrote in my weekly whisky news overview, The Whisky Exchange has two new single cask exclusives, including this Balblair 2005 cask #213. It doesn’t say on the label, but we assume it’s a classic ex-bourbon cask.


Balblair 2005 (48,5%, OB for The Whisky Exchange 2021, cask #213, 180 btl.)

Nose: an attractive mix of marshmallows, ripe pears, citrus and apricots, with plenty of vanilla cake batter on the side. Hints of melons. Buttercups and a wee chalky touch. Evolves on custard and marzipan notes. Really warm and fruity with a lot of rich ex-bourbon elements, I love this style.

Mouth: apples, bananas, melons and other (rather greenish) fruits, mixed with rich vanilla custard while growing sweeter (lemon jellies). More cake. Develops some leafy notes and hints of grapefruit peel, as well as a natural bready side.

Finish: medium length, fruity, with lemon balm and a wee coastal note.

A really nice profile, with a good dose of fruits and vanilla richness. Simply a generous, seductive whisky that shows the potential of a good bourbon cask. With all the focus on sherry and wine casks it’s good to underscore what plain oak can do. Now available from The Whisky Exchange, while stocks last.