Glenfarclas 185th Anniversary

Glenfarclas 185th Anniversary

The name says it all: Glenfarclas distillery was founded in 1836 (well, legally at least) and they celebrate their 185th anniversary with this NAS composition. For this whisky they used casks from six different decades so there’s some spirit in the mix that goes back to the 1960s.

I really liked the Glenfarclas 175th Anniversary back in 2011 so let’s hope they’re able to match that composition.


Glenfarclas 185th Anniversary (46%, OB 2021, 6000 btl.)

Nose: if you’ve tried Glenfarclas from the 1970s (especially refill wood) then this will be familiar. Stewed plums and nectarines, as well as waxed oranges, pink grapefruits and hints of pollen. Hints of dried mango and golden raisins. Light touches of dried herbs and subtle rose petals. Dusty books. Mint tea as well. Pretty gorgeous: really vibrant and fresh, and unmistakably well-aged.

Mouth: richer now, slightly spicier and not as light as the ABV suggests. It’s close to some of these undisclosed Speyside malts of late – still hardly any young notes. Oranges, damsons, stewed berries, even a hint of passion fruit. Hints of herbal tea, candied ginger, cinnamon and a little furniture wax. Now more nutty hints and a wee touch of chocolate as well.

Finish: not very long, but enjoyable, with some mint, apple, old wood and cocoa.

There, it’s even better than 10 years ago. It’s great how they manage to let the older whisky speak and keep the younger casks at a distance. A great refill-ish profile at an easy-going strength and with a very fair price! Highly recommended. Still available from The Whisky Exchange and (now discounted) from Master of Malt for instance.