Longmorn 1973/2015 (Gordon & MacPhail)

Longmorn 1973/2015 (Gordon & MacPhail)

This well-aged Longmorn 1973 was bottled back in 2015 by Gordon & MacPhail in their semi-official distillery label series. Longmorn’s spirit can stand up to many years in cask, and this one spent 42 years in sherry casks.


Longmorn 42 yo 1973 (43%, Gordon & MacPhail 2015, refill sherry casks)

Nose: a slightly delicate, refined profile that revolves around quinces and mirabelles, maybe white cherries, as well as cinnamon and beeswax. Hints of flowers, old wood and a hint of incense and old books. Mint and verbena. Orange peels and marmalade. Forgot to mention dried apricots.

Mouth: bright, vibrant and fruity, but still a little fragile, why 43% we ask? Apple pie, hints of demerara sugar, golden raisins and floral honey. Waxy notes, some resinous touches but no plain oak. Tobacco leaves. Yellow plums and a good dose of minty notes again. Bergamot. Herbal tea. Just a hint of chocolate towards the end.

Finish: moderate length, slowly drying (a touch of oak char) while still displaying a fruity base and hints of cake.

After 42 years this is starting to become fragile, although you could also argue it makes it so easy to drink. The oak is kept at bay and the end result is complex and balanced. The Whisky Exchange is still selling it. I bought it as part of a G&M long-aged whisky sample set.