Connemara Distillers Edition

Connemara Distillers Edition

What’s up with Connemara (or the other Cooley whiskeys for that matter)? They don’t seem to be very alive and the amount of expressions appears to decrease every time I check. Nothing new has come out for a few years now. In fact the Connemara Distillers Edition we’re reviewing today isn’t even mentioned on the website any more. Also it appears to be unavailable from most international retailers.

I’ve always liked the specific peaty profile of Connemara, so this whiskey deserves more praise and attention from enthusiasts… but also from its team? Which distillery has had the same packgaging for fifteen years? Also on social media all they seem to talk about is Kilbeggan.

Feel free to compare to my 2016 review of this whiskey.


Connemara Distillers Edition (43%, OB +/- 2021)

Nose: fairly gentle but really lovely in my opinion. Grassy smoke with subtle farmy hints (manure) and some herbs thrown onto a barbecue. Nice green apple candy and citrusy top notes. Some darker brambles and raisins in the background. Also wet stones, waxed papers and subtle hints of eucalyptus.

Mouth: a little soft and smooth again, but nicely oily and showing nice flavours. Coal smoke with a herbal side again, then smoked oranges and crushed black peppercorns. Baked apple sweetness, forest fruits candy and a hint of vanilla. Lime juice with a salty edge as well. A tad too sweet perhaps.

Finish: medium long, with warming smoky notes, cereal notes and some oily hints.

For around € 40-45, I think this offers big value for money. It was once exclusively available in France but it’s now more widely available. Try LMdW or Master of Malt for instance.