Wemyss Malts 25 Years – A Quarter Passed

Wemyss Malts 25 Years – A Quarter Passed

A few weeks ago Wemyss Malts launched a 25 year old Blended Malt called A Quarter Passed. Head of production Isabella Wemyss sourced single malts around Scotland and honours patience in whisky making. The composition matured in ex-bourbon barrels.


Blended Malt 25 yo – A Quarter Passed (53,6%, Wemyss Malt 2023, 1500 btl.)

Nose: rich vanilla, apple and sweet coconut, alongside sweetened milk and refreshing hints of lemon peels and candied ginger. Also hints of lemon balm and verbena. Drops of herbal honey in the background, and subtle floral hints. The citrusy sharpness balances the sweetness, so it’s really fresh, albeit not hugely complex.

Mouth: a peppery heat comes out first, along with more hints of lemon peels and grapefruits, which also brings along bitterness. Then the vibrancy of nectarine and rhubarb, ginger and some gin-like herbs like juniper. Underneath there are sweet toffee notes, toasted wood, hints of cinnamon and some crème brûlée.

Finish: quite long, with ginger and other warming spices, light grassy notes and still a spicy, bittersweet edge.

The generous ABV of this blended malt makes the bourbon wood quite up front. It also makes it seem younger than 25 years perhaps. A nice mix of citrus, oak and vanilla sweetness. Available from Wemyss Malts direct, but also from Master of Malt or Royal Mile Whiskies for instance.