Cognac Vallein Tercinier Lot 82, Lot 96, Lot 90

Cognac Vallein Tercinier Lot 82, Lot 96, Lot 90

Vallein Tercinier more or less sparked the current cognac hype among whisky lovers. I first looked into the brand in 2016 and thought their first wave of releases was outstanding, especially Lot 65. However, almost ten years later, it seems they are struggling to keep coming up with utterly fruity vintages which they became known for.

Let’s look at a few samples that were waiting on our desk. One official Lot 96 Grande Champagne, a Lot 82 bottled for Whizita / Flickenschild and a Lot 90 by Maltbarn (both Fins Bois).


Vallein Tercinier Lot 82 – Grande Champagne (44,2%, OB for Flickenschild 2022, 126 btl.)

Nose: ripe fruits like peaches, quinces and mango. Quite jammy and rich, with drops of late harvest wines. Then minty touches, subtle peppery notes and aromatic herbs. A tiny trace of aniseed and sandalwood. Really nice.

Mouth: great tropical fruits in the style of the house. Pink grapefruit, mango syrup, bergamot and plenty of tangerines. Lychee and orange candy in the background. The some floral herbs, vanilla and lavender. The sweetness is kept in check by light wood spice and a subtle citrusy note.

Finish: quite long, nicely tropical, with minty freshness and slightly darker liquorice.

Highly drinkable cognac. It is the balance between jammy fruitiness and refreshing spice that makes this a great one. Sold out but Whizita bottled a Lot 84 Petite Champagne as well (albeit less impressive, or so I’ve heard).



Vallein Tercinier Lot 96 – Fins Bois (48,7%, OB 2021, cask #138, 435 btl.)

Vallein Tercinier Lot 96 - Fins Bois Nose: rather more on orchard fruits, mainly apricots and apples. The woody side is stronger, but it blends nicely with floral notes of jasmine and bergamot. Then ginger cookies and peppermint, as well as a rather subtle grassiness.

Mouth: still a firm minty core, alongside peppery notes and some herbal bitters. Some violets and herbal tea, as well as chestnuts. Slightly tangy, with increasing amounts of liquorice towards the end. Hints of honey in the background.

Finish: quite long, with more liquorice and some herbal astringency.

Younger than the previous one of course and far less fruity. An interesting profile but maybe not the style that Vallein Tercinier is know for. Still available from Cognac-expert or LMdW for instance. Score: 87/100



Vallein Tercinier 32 yo Lot 90 – Fins Bois (54,2%, The Whisky Blues x Maltbarn 2023, 142 btl.)

Vallein Tercinier Lot 90 - The Whisky Blues - Maltbarn Nose: again not a fruit monster. Well, we’re getting apricot slices in syrup, with quince jam and honey, but it’s offset by some fudge-y notes on one side, and mineral notes on the other. The whole keeps the middle between the rustic cognacs and the more exuberant fruity ones.

Mouth: it seems to choose the rustic path. Stewed ripe orchard fruits, with a little caramel and vanilla. Then some leafy and mossy notes, as well as liquorice and a dose of peppery wood. Some leathery dryness underneath. Hints of Jaffa cakes and tobacco in the end.

Finish: long but rather dry now, with hints of sandalwood and oriental spice.

This one goes in the direction of darker fruits with firm spice. A thicker, more wintery style. Falls into the ‘quite good’ category. Score: 87/100