Brenne Single Malt (2023)

Brenne Single Malt (2023)

The American Allison Parc started Brenne Whisky in 2012, after quitting as a professional ballerina. She wanted to create a new style of whisky, easy to drink with a feminine touch. To achieve this she collaborated with a French distiller in Cognac. They use French malt, double distilled in cognac stills, aged in Limousin oak and finished in ex-cognac casks. While there is some batch variation, the whisky is around 6-8 years old.


Brenne Single Malt (40%, OB +/- 2023)

Nose: a lot of mashed bananas, banana yoghurt and banana ice cream. Then pear takes over, with hints of cinnamon, tropical fruit bubble gum and vanilla cream. There’s something beer-like as well, alongside coconut milk and jackfruit.

Mouth: really weird, almost a banana smoothie with hints of vanilla ice cream, pineapple and coconut. Slightly synthetic sweetness. Blueberry muffin dough. Almonds, hints of citrus peels. Something of apfelstrudel as well. Then honey, light herbal notes and something floral.

Finish: very short, with a vague sweetness but also heady juniper and resinous notes.

What to say – is it still whisky? It keeps the middle between Piña Colada, a young cognac and a banana smoothie, with a fairly watered down profile. It is very different from what we’re used to, so I guess there are different ways to react. On the one hand, experienced whisky drinkers may find this a total disgrace. On the other hand, some would say it’s unique and more approachable than regular Scotch. To me it feels artificial above all. Available from The Whisky Exchange or Master of Malt among others.