PUNI Sole / PUNI Vina

PUNI Sole / PUNI Vina

PUNI is the Italian malt whisky, from a small distillery in the midst of the Alps. The distillery takes its name from the nearby river. They started production in 2012 and I tried their first expression a few years later: PUNI Alba and PUNI Nova. Given their modest output, they’re not often in the news.

We try two of their core range expressions. Puni Sole ages in ex-bourbon barrels and finishes in PX sherry casks. It means sun, referring to the asoleo process used to dry grapes in the sun, essential to the production of Pedro Ximénez sherry.


PUNI Sole (46%, OB +/- 2022)

Nose: quite light, with vanilla custard and plenty of malty cookies. Hints of apple, lime candy, candied orange and honey. Except for the general grapey sweetness, there are not a lot of actual PX elements to be found. Instead the biscuity (but also slightly dusty and cardboardy) bourbon wood is taking the lead.

Mouth: plenty of malty notes again. White bread, breakfast cereals, pastry dough. Some buttery vanilla again, as well as caramelized notes but also a big grassy side. Perhaps one or two raisins but it still doesn’t scream PX in any way. Some fresh herbs and fresh oak shavings, including a bitter side, becoming slightly astringent.

Finish: medium, with green oak, some ginger

This is clearly still a really young whisky, around 4 years old if we can believe the interwebz. By now I was kinda hoping they would have released something more mature. Overall this Sole is fairly lightweight and for a PX finish rather ill-defined.


Vina is their whisky matured in wine cask, but although the mention Marsala Edition suggests there are several types, it is the only one. This should be full maturation in Marsala Vergine for around 5 years.


PUNI Vina – Marsala Edition (43%, OB +/- 2022)

PUNI Vina - Marsala edition - whisky Nose: clearly more vinous, and strangely buttery. Red grapes, plums, dried berries and hints of baked apple. Then mossy and leathery notes, as well as some Christmas spice like cinnamon and clove. A slightly weird sour and coppery hint as well.

Mouth: really wine-driven, but in a strange way. Bitter herbs come out, but also more metallic notes and wet wood. Then a flavour that keeps the middle between peanut skin and sour tobacco. Some grappa-like alcohol too. Bitter almond and clove.

Finish: medium long, still bitter, with charred wood and Seville orange.

While Sole was rather faultless but beside the point, this is flawed. The bittersweet notes, the herbs and alcoholic edge… not an easy charmer to say the least. I love the packaging though, especially the Arte series is brilliant. Score: 70/100