Yushan Signature Sherry Cask

Yushan Signature Sherry Cask

Yushan Signature is a range of single malt whiskies produced at the Nantou distillery in Taiwan (of Omar whisky). The name comes from the highest mountain in the country.

As far as I can tell, there are now three Yushan releases. One is the Yushan Blended Malt (not sure which other distillery is involved and whether the entire blend is Taiwanese production) and then two single malts: a bourbon version and this Sherry cask.


Yushan Signature – Sherry Cask (46%, OB +/- 2023)

Nose: the first smell is of a decent, modern sherry cask. Raisins, milk chocolate, with cinnamon and buttered toast. Then quite a bright core of apricots, plums and orange zest. Faint hints of roasted chestnut. Whiffs of rose petals too. Soft but quite inviting.

Mouth: still quite light, with more raisins, figs, dark honey and hints of vanilla. Buttery malt comes out again, alongside ginger and pepper. Orange peels and milk chocolate. In the second half the spice takes over and the wood leaves a louder, younger fingerprint.

Finish: not particularly long. Mild wood spice now, with cocoa and vanilla.

Like Omar, this is a rather elegant dram, with a good sherry influence as its main asset. A tad middle-of-the-road perhaps, but no complaints. Available from The Whisky Exchange for instance, or a sample from Whiskysite.nl.