Diageo Special Releases 2024

We present you the first look at the Diageo Special Releases 2024. Only preliminary information at this point, but this post will be updated with official information when released.

Familiar distilleries, uncommon casks

As you know the 2023 collection was named Spirited Xchange. While we don’t know this year’s theme yet, but the visual fireworks are familiar, with bright and almost flashy colours. The concept is still the same: this series revolves around high strength and experimental casks.

Diageo Special Releases 2024


8 Special Releases in 2024

For now seven eight single malts have been announced. That is the same number as last year, so there’s a good chance the line-up is complete. Most of the expressions would have been easy guesses. Lagavulin, Talisker, Mortlach and The Singleton are part of this series almost every year.

New for 2024 are the Benrinnes 21 Year Old. Also the unpeated Caol Ila is not something we see often. There’s also a new version of Roseisle 12 Year Old which appeared in 2023 for the first time, and now gets a very similar follow-up.

All whiskies are middle-aged, between 8 years and 14 years old, with the Benrinnes being the only release that is quite a bit older.


Benrinnes 21 Years / Caol Ila Unpeated 11 Years / Lagavulin 12 Years

Benrinnes 21 Year Old

A 21 year-old and double matured, “including” American and European oak ex-wine casks. This indicates other (classic ex-bourbon) casks as well? No information about the type of wine, I’m afraid. Bottled at 55.4% ABV (natural cask strength, like all Special Releases).

Caol Ila Unpeated 11 Years

The first Caol Ila in a while. Even though unpeated Caol Ila is not unique (it used to be fairly common between 2010-2016), it hasn’t appeared in the Special Releases for a number of years. The label claims it was crafted with short fermentations and cloudy worts. Intruiging. This comes at 57.3% ABV.

Lagavulin 12 Year Old

A classic member of the Special Releases. This year Diageo uses a fairly classic cask recipe: first-fill ex-bourbon and refill casks. This should be good. Bottled at 57.4% ABV.


Oban 10 Years / Roseisle 12 Years / Talisker 8 Years - Special Release 2024

Oban 10 Year Old

After the Oban 11 Years in 2023, there’s now an Oban 10 Year Old. It is finished in charred American oak barrels seasoned with Oloroso sherry. Heavy char and Oloroso often gives nice results. Bottled at a generous 58% ABV.

Roseisle 12 Year Old

Like last year, Roseisle is bottled at 12 years of age, from a combination of first-fill ex-bourbon and refill casks. The strength is slightly lower (55.6% ABV) but other than that, it appears to be an identical release on paper. That’s not a bad thing.

Talisker 8 Year Old

Yet another classic (see 2021 or 2020). The cask description is quite uncommon though: stone-spun and lightly re-toasted casks. We’re eager to find out what they mean exactly. Bottled at 58.7% ABV.


Mortlach Special Release / Singleton Glen Ord 14 Years

Mortlach (NAS)

Mortlach rarely gets an age statement in the Special Releases, but almost always a funky cask finishing. This year we get ex-Italian Ramandolo white wine + Sangiovese red wine casks at 57.5%. Let’s hope it’s not another winesky.

Singleton of Glen Ord 14 Year Old

From Glen Ord distillery comes this Singleton 14 Years. It is matured long-life in first-fill bourbon casks and then part-finished in casks with Pyrenean and Spanish oak ends. This arrives at 54.7% ABV.



Diageo Special Releases 2024: prices

We have no confirmation of the Special Releases 2024 prices for now.

It’s a fact that most of the 2023 releases are still readily available. Moreover I noticed that a lot of new Special Releases tastings and events have been organised lately – strange so long after the release, but probably trying to push the old stock? In that case it would be smart not to increase the prices in 2024. Prices were high enough anyway. Keeping the same price would take away much of the yearly criticism and complaints.

We really hope a couple of whiskies will be available in 20 cl bottles as well.

The official release date is usually early October. In 2023 the collection could be ordered from malts.com on the first of October.