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16 Jan 2012

Tomatin 1976 (Whisky-Doris)

Tasting notes by Ruben Luyten - Posted in Tomatin

I’ve had a specific tasting request for this one (you’re welcome Stuart) so let’s dive right in and try this recent Tomatin 1976 bottled by Whisky-Doris in Germany.

Note that Whisky-Doris bottlings are now locally available in Holland (Whiskybase) and Belgium (Jurgen’s Whiskyhuis) which might save you a few bucks on shipping costs.


Tomatin 1976 Whisky-DorisTomatin 34yo 1976 (49,5%, Whisky-Doris 2011, dark sherry hogshead #9, 139 btl.)

Nose: not exactly the tropical fruits we’d expected. It’s more sherried with ‘darker’ flavours. Herbal honey and fruits like ripe plums, raisins and blueberries. Overripe melon. Beehive notes. Mint. Some grassy elements, even something remotely earthy after some airing. Mouth: good strength, very sweet and fruity. Almost liqueur-like at some point. Blackberry or forest fruit jam. Prunes. Nicely coated with mint. Some ripe tropical fruits now, but still not as much as others. Then a wave of fresh herbs and oak before it develops some fondant chocolate towards the end. Finish: medium long, with chocolate, fruits and soft oak until the very end.

Maybe not my personal favourite among the Tomatin 1976’s (for being less typical) but still excellent whisky. I suppose it was drawn from a more active sherry cask and this overpowers the more delicate tropical flavours a little. Around € 170.

Score: 91.5/100

Tomatin 1976 (Whisky-Doris) 4.5 Ruben Luyten 2012-01-16
  • joeri

    …And again, price went up by +/- 25% compared to last year :-(
    Or was 1976 Tomatin too cheap in 2010/2011? :-)

  • Stuart Robson

    Why thank you sir. I would have picked up a bottle had it been a “typical” 76 Tomatin. I will probably pass now, well unless I get a chance to taste it and feel differently.

  • Teun

    Less typical did it for me. Made me curious how this one will compare to the other excellent 1976 Tomatins in my cabinet. Bottle ordered :-)

  • bakerman

    Nice notes as always and indeed not reflecting the classic ultra-fruity style of 1976 Tomatin, but for me this was more an asset here and intersting to taste vs other 76 Tomatins. Beside the strong blueberry and plum my nose also spotted some chocolate & light malty notes (like fresh/ steaming bread rolls – hope is not only imagination….). I really liked it :) Slainthe!



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