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14 Mar 2013

Johnnie Walker ‘The Gold Route’

Tasting notes by Ruben Luyten - Posted in * Blends

The Explorer’s Club Collection is a series of Johnnie Walker variations inspired by travels and the adventures of explorers. Three bottlings are planned, sold only in duty free shops: The Spice Road (around € 40), The Gold Route (€ 80) and The Royal Route (€ 140, available this summer), all in one litre bottles.





Johnnie Walker 'The Gold Route'Johnnie Walker Explorer’s Club Collection ‘The Gold Route’
(40%, OB 2013)

Nose: medium sweet, with a soft fruitiness of banana and pitahaya. More vanilla than in other J.W. versions. Lemon zest, oranges and ginger. Fresh but all quite subtle, there’s still a prevailing idea of grains and a vague spiciness. Mouth: not too bold, sweet and grainy. Mixed fruit syrups. Now slightly more tropical: hints of pineapple juice and guava. Vanilla again. Some caramel. Faint trademark smoke in the background. Finish: not too long, showing spices and light smoke.

The Gold Route is an above average blend, although there’s quite some Johnnie Walker “genericness” to be found in the mix, if you know what I mean. The promised tropical fruit notes that should evoke Latin America don’t stand out very well, so it’s slightly hard to justify its single malt price level. Around € 80 for 1 litre.

Score: 78/100

Johnnie Walker ‘The Gold Route’ 2 Ruben Luyten 2013-03-14
  • Gal(WhiskyIsrael)

    It’s actually nicer than i thought. over 80 in my book 😉

  • Ricardo

    But why would anyone buy/drink this when there are so many excellent single malts available?

  • MARS

    In a disco, it can do the deed(with some coke and/or soda)

  • Jonathan

    Excellent, the best blended scotch in My opinion

  • Lindsay

    Tried many?

  • Jay

    Kill yourself!

  • Terry Chan

    with 1 ice cube,please



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